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John Colin McEachen II, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:

Application of adaptive estimation techniques in the analysis of image sequences. Specifically, tracking the point-wise motion of multi-dimensional surfaces over an entire image sequence using suitable temporal and spatial models.


o Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University. (1995-present) Supervisor: Dr. James Duncan.
o Doctoral of Philosophy, Yale University. (1992-1995) Advisor: Dr. James Duncan.
o Master of Philosophy, Yale University. (1990-1992) Committee: J. Duncan, P. Shultheiss, A. Nehorai, R. Kuc.
o Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia. (1990) Advisors: Dr. Ron Williams, Dr. Steve Wilson. Research in improved speech synthesis through efficient modeling of the glottal pulse. Part of a larger effort to develop a speech tool for individuals afflicted with cerebral palsy.
o U.S. Naval Officer, Naval Security Group. (1985 - 1990) Chief of information systems development. Two years residence in Japan.
o Linguist Certification, Defense Language Institute. (1985-1986) Russian language.
o Bachelor of Science, University of Notre Dame. (1981-1985) Advisor: Dr. David Cohn. Research in Local Area Network applications.


o McEachen, J. C., Nehorai, A. and Duncan, J. S. Analysis of Cardiac Motion with Recursive Comb Filtering, SPIE Annual Meeting, Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging III, San Diego, CA, July, 1994.

o McEachen, J. C., Nehorai, A. and Duncan, J. S. A Recursive Filter for Temporal Analysis of Cardiac Motion, IEEE Workshop on Biomedical Image Analysis, Seattle, WA, June, 1994.

o McEachen, J. C. and Duncan, J. S. Shape-Based Tracking of Naturally Occurring Annuli in Image Sequences, IEEE conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, New York City, June, 1993.

o McEachen, J. C. and Duncan, J. S. A Constrained Analytic Solution for Tracking Non-Rigid Motion of the Left Ventricle, IEEE 18th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Univ. of Rhode Island, March, 1992. (Awarded best paper in Medical Imaging).


o Active U. S. Naval Reservist (Lieutenant Commander). Project manager for system acquisiton and development.
o Primary administrator and archivist of this WWW server. (Positive comments are always graciously received!)
Non-professional/Web Interests.