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Disclaimer: This document provides information only on the packages available here at IPAG. The documentation is also specific to the versions installed here.

General Documentation

If you are one of the SGIs at IPAG the following link points to the local teTeX documentation.

LaTeX to PDF Conversion

There are a number choices here, which start at different places in the LaTeX to postscript process. The easiest option is probably ps2pdf.

Note: The resulting .pdf files can be viewed (and printed) using either acroread, xpdf or gv.

Adding Rich PDF functionality

Hyperref: In all of these cases the hyperref macro package can be extremely useful in generating cross-links etc. The most basic use takes the form:

LaTeX to HTML Conversion

External Links

For help with LaTeX see Tim Love's Text Processing using LaTeX page at Cambridge. This is were I first found out about LaTeX.

See also The LaTeX Catalogue.

The definitive source is the TeX Users Group (TUG) homepage.

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Last updated 8th February 2000.