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Laboratory Descriptions and Material

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This one credit full year course is an introduction to experimental techniques covering a range of topics in Biomedical Engineering, including:
to give hands-on experience with engineering tools used to study quantitative life sciences problems. Laboratories are designed to give familiarity with instrumentation and procedures for bioengineering research, including data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. This course is intended for junior biomedical engineering students.


Lawrence Staib (lawrence dot staib at yale dot edu)
Anjelica Gonzalez (anjelica dot gonzalez at yale dot edu)

Teaching Assistants

Nicha Chitphakdithai (nicha dot chitphakdithai at yale dot edu)
Michael An (michael dot an at yale dot edu)

Malone 101


Handouts and web page reading will be assigned. Preparatory materials and laboratory procedures are available on the web page. Please read these materials in preparation for lab.

Labs and Reports

Experiments will be conducted in groups. Note, many of these labs involve physiologic measurements and will not always give clean "textbook" results. It is valuable to process your data at you go in order to verify that you are making your measurements properly.

Lab reports will be written separately. Grading for the course will be based primarily on lab reports but also on lab performance. Lab reports will be due one week from the final session for that particular lab. For half of the labs, full Lab reports will be required and will be due one week from the final session for that particular lab. For the other labs, an abbreviated report will be required, answering a few questions and supplying some key results. Late reports will be penalized.

The preferred method of submitting your lab reports is using the ClassesV2 web server. In ClassesV2, go to your "Dropbox" and "add" a file. Upload a single file containing all text and graphs. Please use a filename containing both your name and the name of the lab. If you submit a hardcopy, please staple or clip together firmly all pages that you hand in, including printouts, if any.

Please use the format described below:

Lab Report Format


Special thanks to Francesco D'Errico, Maggie Gattas-Sethi, Tammy Stemen, Al Sinusas, Eric Loman, Don Dione and Fahmeed Hyder for their help with this course.

August 2008