John Staib

    John H. Staib 1927-1982

    In Memoriam

    Professor of Mathematics

    Drexel University

Jack Staib was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and spent most of his career at Drexel University. He was a passionate teacher of mathematics, striving for Polya-esque methods and insight.


December 19, 1927, Philadelphia, PA


1950-1954 Temple University
1954-1982 Drexel University
1962-1982 Drexel Evening College


Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching (1980)


Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Charles E. Merrill Co., 1966.
An Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations, Addison-Wesley Co., 1969.

Selected Publications

On the limit points of {sin n}, Mathematics Magazine, 40(4):210-213, September 1967 (with M. S. Demos). On the JSTOR All-Stars for Mathematics Magazine.
Integration of inverse functions, Mathematics Magazine, 39(4):223-224, September 1966.
Sequence Approach to Uniform Continuity, Mathematics Magazine, 40(5):270-273, November 1967.
On Curves with Corners, Mathematics Magazine, 41(3):134-136, May 1968.
An Alternative to the Gram-Schmidt Process, Mathematics Magazine, 42(4):203-205, September 1969.
Sequences vs. Neighborhoods, Mathematics Magazine, 44(3):145-146, May 1971.
Trigonometric Power Series, Mathematics Magazine, 49(3):147-148, May 1976.
The Cardiologist's Theorem, The Mathematics Teacher, 70(1):36-39, Jan 1977.
The Pascal Pyramid, The Mathematics Teacher, 71(6):505-510, Sep 1978 (with L. H. Staib).
The Give-and-Take-Away Strategy, The Mathematics Teacher, 72, Jan 1979.
Some Pre-Calculus Algebra, The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 10(2):89-95, March 1979.
A Discovery Approach to Integration by Parts, The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 10(5):353-354, November 1979 (with H. Anton).



World War II

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