John Staib

    John H. Staib 1927-1982

    In Memoriam

    Professor of Mathematics

    Drexel University

Jack Staib was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and spent most of his career at Drexel University. He was a passionate teacher of mathematics, striving for Polya-esque methods and insight.


December 19, 1927, Philadelphia, PA


1950-1954 Temple University
1954-1982 Drexel University
1962-1982 Drexel Evening College


Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching (1980)


Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Charles E. Merrill Co., 1966.
An Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations, Addison-Wesley Co., 1969.

Selected Publications

On the limit points of {sin n}, Mathematics Magazine, 40(4):210-213, September 1967 (with M. S. Demos). On the JSTOR All-Stars for Mathematics Magazine.
Integration of inverse functions, Mathematics Magazine, 39(4):223-224, September 1966.
Sequence Approach to Uniform Continuity, Mathematics Magazine, 40(5):270-273, November 1967.
On Curves with Corners, Mathematics Magazine, 41(3):134-136, May 1968.
An Alternative to the Gram-Schmidt Process, Mathematics Magazine, 42(4):203-205, September 1969.
Sequences vs. Neighborhoods, Mathematics Magazine, 44(3):145-146, May 1971.
Trigonometric Power Series, Mathematics Magazine, 49(3):147-148, May 1976.
The Cardiologist's Theorem, The Mathematics Teacher, 70(1):36-39, Jan 1977.
The Pascal Pyramid, The Mathematics Teacher, 71(6):505-510, Sep 1978 (with L. H. Staib).
The Give-and-Take-Away Strategy, The Mathematics Teacher, 72, Jan 1979.
Some Pre-Calculus Algebra, The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 10(2):89-95, March 1979.
A Discovery Approach to Integration by Parts, The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 10(5):353-354, November 1979 (with H. Anton).

Other Writings

On the Revision of Books of Discipline, Friends Journal, May 1, 1972.
The Green Lie, Friends Journal, Vol. 21, April 1975.
More on the Green Lie, Friends Journal, Vol. 22, February 1976.
Innocent Wisdom, Friends Journal, Vol. 23, April 15, 1977.



World War II

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