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o Complete thesis available in Acrobat .pdf Format o Abstract only.
o Complete thesis available but only accesible from IPAG

May 2002

[Complete Thesis] Oskar Skrinjar: Deformable Models in Image-Guided Neurosurgery.

May 2001

[Complete Thesis] Haili Chui: Non-Rigid Point Matching: Algorithms, Extensions and Applications

May 2000

[Complete Thesis] Ravi Bansal: Information Theoretic Integrated Segmentation and Registration of Dual 2D Portal Images and 3D CT Images

[Complete Thesis] Xenophon Papademetris: Estimation of 3D Left Ventricular Deformation from Medical Images Using Biomechanical Models

[Complete Thesis] Xiaolan Zeng: Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using a Generic Shape Constraint with Applications to Cortical Shape Analysis

May 1999

[Complete Thesis Coming Soon] Yongmei Wang: Statistical Shape Analysis for Image Segmentation and Physical Model-Based Non-Rigid Registration

May 1998

[Complete Thesis Coming Soon] Tianyun Ma: Active Contour Models: Consistency, Stability, and Parameter Estimation

May 1996

[Complete Thesis] Amit Chakraborty: Feature and Module Integration for Image Segmentation

[Abstract Only] John C. McEachen II: Multiframe Estimation of Non-Rigid Motion from Image Sequences

[Complete Thesis] Pengcheng Shi: Image Analysis of 3D Cardiac Motion Using Physical and Geometrical Models

May 1994

[Complete Thesis] Mindy Lee: Bayesian Reconstruction in Emission Tomography Using Gibbs Priors

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